Filmproduction expenses 

A film production is something complex
Therefore you need to foresee possible costs at the beginning. As each film production has its individual requirements, you can not define a fix price for a production. Our costumers have mostly a clear vision of their project, but they can not imagine how much such a project would cost. This is why we have created the simple but agile film production calculator. We will guide you from A to Z to find the right budget for the right project.


Marketing project ideas


Do people know your business?

A 30 seconds - 1 minute film about your company. Show the world who you are, what you do and why they want your products. Give the brand a face, tell your costumers your unique story and let them fall in love with your brand.

Online Training

Do you help your employees growing?

It is time to wake up. As a business owner you are responsible for your employees. We will create the online training they need, so that they can grow their horizon and you can expand your business. With our online training you reduce expenses for recurring coaches and you can use this training for all your employees - clever invested money, as only encouraged members will stay happy and motivated, lets start.

Social Media

Do you use all social media resources you were given?

Did you know that with a small investment you could start a huge social media campaign? Generate more traffic on your website, increase your conversion rate, stay in the heads of your costumers and be seen. All you need are 8 astonishing seconds. Ask us why exactly 8 - as there is more behind this number, it will be a pleasure to tell you.


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