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Tel: +41 79 193 82 71


We are available in Switzerland & upon request we would love to work anywhere in the world for you.


«Filmmaking is our muse and our passion. We share our inspiration with everyone. Our burning desire we transmit in the art of expression. We strive to unleash your deepest emotions, letting you feel the story, the music and the colours as your own.»

The Why?


There is no bigger joy in life than committing to someone or something. We have found this committment in all those little projects which we have done over the past years. It all begann for Miss Durisch whilst working at Johnson & Johnson, as this was the place which showed her, that she wants to work with motivated and eager people. Back then she also started being active in the movie industry, so this was the time where her heart began ambitiously to beat for international environments, projects, creative work, marketing and management. You must have passion within yourself to accomplish the impossible, to acquire all the skills you need and to finish what you have started. Nowadays we can proudly say that the whole team works very disciplined, structured and that we have this special goal-driven approach. High quality is what we strive for and we all know that this can only be accomplished, if you have the best team, with the best vibes and visions. Success is not a self-made thing, it is like a Swiss clockwork, everyone needs to execute his job correctly, so that the whole project can be completed perfectly. Our learnings grow with every project, as the ability to think fast in an analytical way. In the film industry things don't work out the way you've planned it, as with the complexity and size of the project, you encounter many pitfalls. That's why you just need to accept that improvising is part of the show and thinking outside the box is an ability that will help you very much with it. In the end you need to believe in yourself and trust your skills. This always helped us and became over the time our credo: We will never stop believing, that with a good plan and careful execution, every goal and project can be accomplished. So if you believe in Durisch productions as a producer, we would be delighted to work on your next concept!

Project History

Jul 2014 Musicvideo

"Be the one" - Manolo Panic,
involved as Clapper/ Marker

Nov 2015 Short film for kids
"Nepomuks Welt" - Julian M. Quentin
involved as continuity

Aug 2016 Short film
"I'm not here" 
fist own production in cooperation with Julian M. Quentin
Achieved awards:
41. Schweizer Jugendfilmtage 2017
(Youth film festival)
3rd place category C
21. film festival Schaffhausen
advancement award
Aug 2016 Musicvideo
"Drive" - Manolo Panic
involved as actress

Sep 2016 Short film ZFF 2016 
"Vom anderen Ufer"
involved as unit manager

Dez 2016 Alfa Metalcraft 
involved as script writer, director, production
Jun 2017 Short film
second own production in cooperation with Julian Quentin

Achieved awards:

Upcoming film makers: youth filmfestival Lucerne

advancement award

Filmfestival Zug
best editing award

Filmfestival Schaffhausen

3rd place

Sep 2017 Short film ZFF 2017

third own production in cooperation with Claudio Sipka 
and co-producer Levi Rusterholz

Achieved place:

Zurich Filmfestival

place 37 of 258

Oct 2017 Webserie 
 SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen "Leaked"
involved as extra

Dez 2017 Short film
forth own production in cooperation with David Oesch
Achieved awards:
Zuger filmfestival
Treatment award 

Aug 2018 Zuger Filmfestival Trailer
"Vom … direkt ans Filmfestival"
fifth own production in cooperation with Team Z

Nov 2018 Short film

sixth own production in cooperation with Emanuel Hänsenberger

COMPLEX production:

COMPLEX production: