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August 2019


CRUs journey has just recently started in the TCL Chinese Theatre at its world premier! Hollywood has welcomed us with open arms: film critics, investors for a short as well as film distributors just loved CRU. Our hearts melted when the film critics Norm, which is a member of HorrorBuzz, gave us his feedback: "This is one of the best short films I have seen this year. Not a single moment wasted, stakes immediately apparent, compelling characters, it was remarkable." At the Tribeca Filmfestival we won the students visionary award! KLICK HERE💋 to see Sheila Nevins announcment & cool filmreviews.


"As a director you need someone like Antonia on your side. Her amazing energy and connection skills opened us many doors in L.A. The higlight of Hollywood? We were able to close a distribution deal with PremiumFilms, which only picks a handful of shorts each year!"

Sonnenuntergang Fallschirmspringen

Summer 2020


You are wondering why we are so busy? Well, our crew is working on a huge new project! We are excited, motivated and full of buring desire to produce this unique show.


Soon we will tell you more🎥

For all those who can't wait let us tell you this much: There are jumps out of planes involved, many great spirits, out of production perspective we will be organizing much 💸 💸 💸 and of course it will be an awsome and fun time for everyone involved, as this is what we from Durisch Productions are aiming for with every single production!


"I first met Antonia on a film set. Her professionalism, energy & ability to overview several tasks, or even projects, at the same time impressed me. She is well connected, intelligent, fearless and even though she's the producer she is fun. Definitely the right producer for you!"

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March 2020


We are in the first stage of planning and brain storming for this years trailer production of the filmfestival of Zug!  

The creative part takes time, as the festival has its specific ideas and our creative experts see their own visions. As a producer you have to be able to please the customer, but as well you should stand behind the vision of the artist. So we have developed the art of negotiation, we are able to over-think fix ideas and yes, we also find compromises with the goal to please all our stakeholders equally. 

See you hopefully at the film festival!


"Antonia is more than a great sparring partner. We have worked shoulder to shoulder on different productions and I could always trust on her experience and swiftness. The way she oversees a broad range of organisational tasks and critically yet thoughtfully assess different aspects is remarkable and of highest value to make movie productions happen."

About durisch productions

What makes us unique
Durisch productions is one of the leading film production companies in Switzerland, which is using the advantages of the digital disruption to help your business grow. 

If you are looking for a community, which has acquired the essential skills to lead your future project to success, the following pages will be interesting for you. 

We are offering a wide range of possibilities to you: you can subscribe to our database if you are a model, actor or extra, as well as if you are a freelancer in the film sector. Our projects are supported by the successful Visagist school "Facedesign" and talented photographers and filmmakers. So we can offer you professional shootings, film productions, services and of course important consulting, as a perfectly planned project will satisfy you most. For us it does not matter if you want to broadcast live, if you are looking for stock material or if you are interested in a normal film production - as we are making all of it possible for you. And for film admirers we walk the extra mile: We make it possible, through our wide range of contacts, that you can bring the spotlight home. And once you have fell for filmmaking entirely, you can apply for our mentoring programm, as we are happy to introduce you to this world.

About Antonia Durisch

Studying economics at the HWZ in Zürich, as well as studying finance simultaneously at the KBZ in Zug, is giving Miss Durisch the ability to make the right decisions for your next project, to budget in detail and to comply with your deadlines. She is a certified project management associate and this not only on paper. As an independent film producer she managed to gain very much practical knowledge during the past years. She worked for different companies in the marketing field, which helps her nowadays to understand, what the market is requiring and how to realize those requirements. Projects can be leaded in: EN, RU, FR, DE, CH


Why it is a match

The professional network of Durisch productions will lead to your success. We work closely together to obtain the best quality and results, so that your company can be proudly showed to the public. A unique, structured and goal driven approach from our side is guaranteed & we are looking forward to working with you.



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